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[US9] PUMA TRAMP OG 383014-06 [DS]

Sale price¥11,000

Dead stock Unused item
・Model: 383014-06
・Color: brown
Size: US9/27cm
・Year Made:
・Accessories: BOX
・Additional Information:

Please note that for products that are more than 8 years old from the time of manufacture, there may be aging-related deterioration such as Yellowing, discoloration, and powdering.
Even if unused, please be cautious as wearing the item may cause it to break.

For older products manufactured more than 8 years ago, there may be fading, discoloration, or powdering due to aging.
Please note that even if unused, the item may be damaged if worn.
[US9] PUMA TRAMP OG 383014-06 [DS]
[US9] PUMA TRAMP OG 383014-06 [DS] Sale price¥11,000